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छत्तीसगढ़ के पारम्परिक व्यंजन और उनके औषधीय घटक 2
23 Seconds 1
Abdomen bloated and sensitive with lancinating pains (Ovaritis) 1
Abdomen distended 1
Abdomen distended and hard (Dyspepsia) 1
Abdomen distended and sensitive 1
Abdominal cramps 1
Abdominal cramps during pregnancy 1
Abdominal pains better by bending double and by walking about 1
Abdominal pains radiating in all directions 1
Acidity and loose bowels (Dyspepsia) 1
Acidity of stomach (Dyspepsia) 1
Acrid rising shortly after meals 1
Acute metritis and Ovaritis after confinement with increased sexual desire and itching of the womb 1
Acute metritis caused by fit of anger 1
Acute metritis caused by severe disappointment 1
Acute metritis caused during menses or after confinement 1
Acute metritis with or without peritonitis when the fever is not high or when the fever has abated 1
Alan Driscoll 1
Amoebic dysentery 1
Anarcho-Punk, 1
Androids of Mu 1
Aneurism causing loss of flesh 1
Animal Rights 1
Antifungal Properties of Medicinal Plants of Chhattisgarh 1
Anxiety and apprehension (Angina pectoris) 1
Astronauts 1
Atomic Cat 1
Autumn dysentery with discharges of white mucus and violent Tenesmus 1
Banging in the Womb 1
Basta! 1
Begin Before Birth 1
Best of 1
Bilious rheumatic and neuralgic colic 1
Bilious vomiting 1
Bitter or metallic taste in Colic 1
Bitter vomiting with headache (Dyspepsia) 1
Black stools 1
Blood dysentery of the bacillary type with excessive bleeding and high rise of temperature with toxemia 1
Blood or involuntary evacuations (Dysentery) 1
Bloody mucus (Dysentery) 1
Bloody mucus stools much straining (Dysentery) 1
Bloody or milky leucorrhea (Ovaritis) 1
Bloody stools mixed with slimy substance (Dysentery) 1
Bluish leucorrhea to tear the flesh out 1
Bowels deranged by the least irregularity of diet (Dyspepsia) 1
Bracket Mushrooms in Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
Burning and cutting pains in stomach with intense nausea and vomiting 1
Burning pressure or empty feeling of stomach (Dyspepsia) 1
Capitalism 1
Cases of suppressed menses or lochia 1
Choking pressure downwards as if everything will pass through the vagina 1
Chronic metritis With stitches through the vagina and uterus like electric-shocks 1
Chronic metritis with or without Ovaritis or peritonitis 1
Chronic or acute dysentery or diarrhea when everything else has failed 1
Chumbawamba 1
Clutching and squeezing in the womb 1
Cold feeling in the abdomen 1
Cold sweat on the face 1
Colic Aggravated after nursing and eating 1
Colic Aggravated by cold drinks 1
Colic better by bending backward and by stretching the body 1
Colic better by bending double or by hard pressure against the abdominal wall 1
Colic due to indigestion 1
Colic from anger 1
Colic with chilliness caused from pastry or rich food 1
Colic with sensation as if intestines twisted into a knot 1
Colic worse at night accompanied by flatulence 1
Colic worse from warmth 1
Communism 1
Conflict 1
Constipation (Ovaritis) 1
Constipation and nausea 1
Constriction about the heart and oppressed breathing (Angina pectoris) 1
Contraction and congestion of heart (Angina pectoris) 1
Cramp like pain with fainting (Angina pectoris) 1
Cramping or spasmodic pain (Dyspepsia) 1
Cramps in abdomen 1
Crampy pains before during and after stools (Dysentery) 1
Crass 1
Crass Records 1
Craving for cold drinks especially beer in Colic 1
Craving for meat pickles and other coarse food (Dyspepsia) 1
Crust Punk 1
Cutting pains (Dyspepsia) 1
Cutting pains in the chest (Dyspepsia) 1
Dancing Soul Baby - In the Womb 1
Danilo Mazzeo 1
Del Rio 1
Depression of spirits (Dyspepsia) 1
Despondent and fearing death (Angina pectoris) 1
Despondent of life (Dyspepsia) 1
Diarrhea and vomiting 1
Diarrhea with greenish stools worse at night 1
Digging pain with redness of the face (Ovaritis) 1
Discharge of blood between periods 1
Distressing flatulence causing fluttering of heat 1
Dry itching of Genitals which is terrible and the patient continues to scratch until the parts bleed 1
Dull pain in forehead and as if a band was tied across it (Dyspepsia) 1
Dysentery appearing before or during thunder storm or cold wet weather 1
Dysentery in camp life 1
Dysentery is worse after eating and drinking 1
Dysentery of septic origin 1
Dysentery with Tenesmus before the stool 1
Dysentery worse every night 1
Dyspepsia Better after the food is digested 1
Dyspepsia From indigestible food 1
Dyspepsia caused by smoking or tea with or without hemoptysis 1
Dyspepsia from eating fat food 1
Dyspepsia in old fleshy persons 1
Dyspepsia of drunkards 1
Dyspepsia with a peculiar symptom that if door slams it is felt right in the epigastric region and if the body is touched that also is not tolerated by the patient 1
Dyspepsia with acidity 1
Dyspepsia with feeling as though the patient had swallowed some indigestible substance which had struck at the cardiac orifice of the stomach 1
Dyspepsia with putrid eructations (Dyspepsia) 1
Eczema in Genitals 1
Edning Satellites 1
Elizabeth Hauke 1
Entero-colitis with bleeding and ulceration of bowels 1
Epic Soul Factory 1
Eructation of wind and fetid tasting of food taken (Dyspepsia) 1
Excessive accumulation of flatus (Dyspepsia) 1
Excessive flow of dark fluid (Dysentery) 1
Excessive salivation (Dyspepsia) 1
F@bs [feat Valy J] 1
Face flushed (Angina pectoris) 1
Falling of uterus 1
Fatty degeneration-hydro pericardium restless with edemas 1
Fear of death 1
Feeling of a band round the head (Angina pectoris) 1
Feeling of distension (Dyspepsia) 1
Feels as if heart hanging by a thread and every beat would tear it off (Angina pectoris) 1
Fever with thirst for cold water (Ovaritis) 1
Finds relief by bending double and after eating (Colic) 1
Flatulence (Dyspepsia) 1
Flatulence is relieved by eructations 1